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Cladding Plus are the Preferred Service Providers for the Bay of Plenty & Coromandel regions.

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A beautiful, low-maintenance home

With Palliside, you get all the appeal of traditional weatherboards, without the maintenance. Extremely easy to care for, it just needs the occasional wash down - it never needs painting! Palliside is cost effective and saves you thousands of dollars on re-painting & scaffolding.  

Affordable peace of mind

Strong, stable and durable, Palliside looks like traditional timber weatherboards, but is a weathertight system that won't leak, rust, or chip. Palliside has stood the test of time and is guaranteed to be truly watertight cladding. 


Never needs painting

Built to last. Save time & money and never paint your home exterior again!

Cost Effective

 Less expensive than other claddings such as brick and timber, and is quick to install, keeping costs down.


Made in New Zealand

Made in New Zealand, designed specifically for NZ climate & coastal conditions.

Independently Tested

 The system has been independently tested to ensure the products will stand the test of time.

25 Year Guarantee

Palliside is covered by a
25 year manufacturers’ guarantee.


Palliside is a sustainable weatherboard system manufactured from 100% recyclable material.

Styles & Colours

Palliside is available in two distinctive shapes, Traditional and Rusticated.

  • Traditional is available in a smooth finish only. Traditional emulates the style of bevel back weatherboards found on many New Zealand homes.


  • Rusticated is available in both a smooth and a woodgrain finish.

  • Both styles are available in a variety of colours.

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Colour Gallery

Our Palliside Colour Gallery shows real homes in the range of colours and textures to help you visualise your new cladding. To view the Palliside colour and style used, click an image below to enlarge.

We recommend you view an actual sample of Pallisde Cladding when choosing your colours. 

Alterations - Traditional Tea
Rusticated Woodgrain - Calico
New Build - Traditional White
Traditional - Sandstone
Curved Weatherboard - Traditional Riverstone
Rusticated Smooth Slate
Reclad - Traditional White
Curved Traditional - Tea
New Home - Traditional Slate
“Excellent product and installer. Very easy to deal with. Great workmanship."

Jennian Homes

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