Palliside is made in New Zealand, specifically to withstand our high UV levels, coastal and sulfuric conditions. Palliside cladding can make a huge difference in the performance and look of any building, see the transformations below and hear what our satisfied customers have to say...

New Home - Whakatane


 This new home in Whakatane features Palliside Traditional Slate weatherboards, as seen the in the Jennian Design Magazine.

I have built a number of houses using Palliside, it's a good quality product that has stood the test of time, it always looks good and is easy to maintain. I use Cladding Plus to install the Palliside product and have always received a good quality job. Cladding Plus was easy to work with, very professional and their prompt, attention to detail is exceptional with nothing being too difficult.


 Martin Van Der Aa - Jennian Homes